Information for Contributors

To provide the most up-to-date coverage of North American breeding birds, BNA account revisions are continuously ongoing. If you are interested in becoming a contributor to BNA, there are several different ways to get involved.

Authoring a BNA Account

There are opportunities to revise existing accounts, sections of existing accounts (Sounds, Conservation, etc.), or to contribute entirely new accounts. Please note that we only accept new accounts for species that are documented to breed in North America.

Full consideration for revisions is given to those who wrote original accounts, especially if they continue to work with a species; however, we strongly encourage revisions from those who are now publishing actively on a bird, or engaged in graduate studies thereon. An ideal revision would incorporate feedback from new revisers, original authors, and BNA staff, and we welcome full participation from all.

Opportunities also exist for sub-editors with deep knowledge on relevant BNA topics (e.g.; Sounds, Distribution).

For more details about possibilities with authoring, revising, or sub-editing BNA accounts, please contact Paul Rodewald:

Contributing Rich Media

We are constantly seeking rich media to augment BNA account text. In addition to representative species identification photographs and audio, we welcome media that characterizes habitat, life history and behavior, and/or other relevant details that help to illustrate the essence of a species (e.g., nests, eggs, age and molt details).

BNA media is presented via collaboration with the Macaulay Library and eBird. To contribute, please add your images or audio to an eBird checklist. Detailed instructions are available here: Adding Photos and Audio to eBird Checklists. Please note, we prefer large/high-quality images (2500 pixels or larger).

Please see the FAQ for details on sharing and permissions.

For more information on media, please contact Brooke Keeney: