Snowy Owl

Bubo scandiacus



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For invaluable assistance, David Parmalee thanks the following individuals and organizations: Tom English (Bell Museum, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis); Mark R. Fuller (Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Laurel, MD); J. A. Gessaman, Utah State University, Logan, UT; David Gill (Vertebrate Ethology Section, Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, ON); David H. Johnson (Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, Oregon State University, Corvallis); Paul N. Kerlinger (Cape May Bird Observatory, Cape May Point, NJ); Lloyd F. Kiff (Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, Los Angeles); Jean Parmelee (Bell Museum, University of Minnesota); Susan M. Sivard (New York Historical Society, New York, NY); and Gary A. Voelker (Bell Museum, University of Minneapolis).

The revisers are grateful to David Parmelee for writing the first Snowy Owl BNA account (# 19), in 1992. We built upon that foundation for this new and updated edition. We are especially grateful to the researchers, past and present, who have dedicated many years of their lives studying Snowy Owls, in North America and Europe.

Many other researchers have not published results of their studies but maintain large and significant data sets, collected over many years in the field. We are especially grateful to them for sharing their unpublished results and their great knowledge of Snowy Owls. These people include: Bud Anderson, Mike Blom, Tom McDonald, Hardy Pletz, Marten Stoffel, and Dan Zazelenchuk. We also want to acknowledge the research by Irina Menyushina, whose 27 years of Snowy Owl breeding season research on Wrangel I., Russia, is the longest running breeding study in the world.

DWH is especially grateful to the In┼ępiat people of Barrow, AK for allowing him to research Snowy Owls on their native lands for the past 22 years.

Recommended Citation

Holt, D. W., M. D. Larson, N. Smith, D. L. Evans, and D. F. Parmelee (2015). Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus), version 2.0. In The Birds of North America (P. G. Rodewald, Editor). Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, USA.