Painted Bunting

Passerina ciris



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Photos from this Account

Adult male Painted Bunting, breeding plumage

; photographer John S.Dunning

Juvenile Painted Bunting, Block Creek NA, Kendall Co., TX, 12 July.

Juvenile is similar to adult female, but green is more dull/grayish, and gape and base of lower mandible are more orangish. Note also pale tips to wing coverts forming weak wing bars. Image via Birdshare by Stephen Pollard.

Adult male Painted Bunting, Laredo, Webb Co., TX, 7 May.

Adult male Painted Bunting is distinctive and unlikely to be confused with any other species within its range. Image via Birdshare by Carlos Escamilla.

Adult male Painted Bunting, Laredo, Webb Co., TX, 10 May.

Dorsal view of adult male. Note blue head and nape, with chartreuse back. Rump and underparts red, contrasting with darker reddish wings and tail. Image via Birdshare by Carlos Escamilla.

Female Painted Bunting, Dry Tortugas, Monroe Co., FL, May.

Note bright, grass-green head and upperparts, and dull yellowish underparts. Wings lack wing bars. Image by Kevin Karlson.; photographer Kevin T. Karlson

First Alternate male Painted Bunting, Laredo, Webb Co., TX, 4 May.

Note blue feathers on head, and worn primary coverts typical of First Alternate. Image via Birdshare by Carlos Escamilla.

First Basic Painted Bunting, John Heinz NWR, Tinicum, PA, 7 January.

First Basic plumage. Similar to the adult female plumage, but note the retained inner remiges (inner primaries, outer secondaries) and primary coverts. Image by Christopher L. Wood.

Adult male Painted Bunting, Fort Meyers, Lee Co., FL, 25 December.

Image via Birdshare: Cleber Ferreira.

Adult male Painted Bunting Wing-quiver Display, Titusville, Brevard Co., FL, 14 March.

Image via Birdshare: Danny Bales.

Painted Bunting nest, Georgia

Chatham Co., GA. 10 May 1905. Ruler is 8 cm.; photographer Rene Corado

Painted Bunting clutch, Georgia.

Chatham Co., GA. 11 June.

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Lowther, P. E., S. M. Lanyon, and C. W. Thompson (2015). Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris), version 2.0. In The Birds of North America (P. G. Rodewald, Editor). Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, USA.