Northern Hawk Owl

Surnia ulula



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Northern Hawk Owl, Saskatchewan, February.

Northern Hawk Owls hunt mainly rodents from perches, and they can push through deep snow to capture them by pouncing with their large talons., Feb 15, 2007; photographer Mike Blom

Adult Northern Hawk Owl, Brooks Range foothills, AK, September.

Northern Hawk Owls hunt from conspicuous perches throughout the boreal forest. They are frequently active during the day, and can be mistaken for a large accipiter due to their active hunting techniques and long tail.; photographer Gerrit Vyn

Immature Northern Hawk Owl, Denali Highway, AK, June.

Note similar general appearance to adult, but recent fledglings retain down on the head.; photographer Rick and Nora Bowers

Adult Northern Hawk Owl, Whitefish Point, MI, April.

In most winters a few Northern Hawk Owls reach the US-Canada border region, but in some years they irrupt in large numbers, sometimes reaching areas well south of typical the wintering zone. ; photographer Jerry and Sherry Liguori

Northern Hawk Owl breeding habitat, Denali Highway, AK, June.

Typical open black spruce (Picea mariana) forest, where this owl uses tall spruces as hunting perches.; photographer Rick and Nora Bowers

Northern Hawk Owl near Nome, AK, 22 August.

One of North America's most distinctive birds, the Northern Hawk Owl hunts by day from conspicuous perches across the boreal forest. The following is a link to this photographer's website:

Adult Northern Hawk Owl, Low, Quebec, March.

, Mar 03, 2007; photographer Gerrit Vyn

Northern Hawk Owl nestlings, Churchill, Manitoba, June.

Typical nest site for this species in a broken snag.; photographer Rick and Nora Bowers

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